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Hi everyone, i just joined the site and i look forward to chatting with you all!

I have recently dug out my A600 and bought the pcmcia compact flash card adapter and a 4gb cf card, so i can transfer adf's to new floppies in which it works great.

I have looked around everywhere for the possibility of booting from the pcmcia card and found out about comfy here, and decided to try it out but i am having problems.

I have put the hdf file onto the compact flash card, but i can't seem to get the boot disk to work, i copied it out to a floppy but when i try to boot of it it says- Not a dos disk in device dfo.

I have also tried the boot disk from the cf_ClassicWB_LITE package but get the same thing. I also tested both these boot disks in winuae and the same error occurs.

My A600 has kickstart 2.0 (37.299) and i also have a 1mb card in it to make a total of 2mb chip memory. I have no internal hd of any kind. I know i can upgrade the kickstart to 3.1 and put an internal ide cf setup in it, but i would like to see if this method works first.

Could this older kickstart be causing the problems, do these cf boot hdf packs need a newer kickstart 2 or 3 chip? From what i have read the 37.299 version of the kickstart does not support hard drives, but what i have gathered from the info on this page about comfy, is that it works around that because it uses a boot disk, is this correct?

My pcmcia adapter and card work fine when writing adf's to floppy using the adf software that came with it, and i have also copied over the necessary cf files onto my workbench 2.1 disk so i can also access the pcmcia adpater through workbench ok. With this method i can also play back music mods directly from the pcmcia cf card.

But i would like to use whdload, can whdload be installed and run of the pcmcia adpater with these cf boot hdf packs? Also can the size of the hard drive be expanded above 100mb?

Sorry for all these questions, but i'm at a bit of a loss, mainly as to why the boot floppies aren't booting up.

If ppil or anyone can help that would be much appreciated.

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