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My life with computers started when dad bought the family a VIC-20 instead of the Atari 2600 we wanted. I progressed to my own C64 for a while, and then spent 4 years (89-93) with my Amiga 500 (the source of many favorite computing memories).

After a 12 year diversion into the Linux/Unix world, I returned to Amigas in 2005 when I found a local A1200 with some nice upgrades (Blizzard 1230-IV w/ SCSI, 1960 monitor, etc). I still have that A1200, and I've recently added the following machines to my collection:

- A500 (PAL model - nice to finally enjoy those amazing OCS demos in the "original Klingon")
- A2000HD (never had a big-box system before)

To me, the Amiga was a unique intersection of technical and artistic excellence, and look forward to enjoying them for years to come.
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