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Originally Posted by Riempie View Post
Which version of ACAtune are you using? I have exactly the same setup and with 1.5e of ACAtune my Amiga 1200 hangs at startup. And what is your resolution?
What power supply do you use? I have put an mATX PSU inside the Amiga powerbrick giving 25A on the 5v rail, when I use a weaker PSU my Amiga hangs at startup to so check on that.

Im using the same version of ACATune as you, I am running SUPERPLUS:High Res Laced @ 800x600 I have also tried HIGHGFX: Super-High Res Laced @ 1024x768 but I preferred the SUPERPLUS modes since I get perfect match on the monitor (no black borders or adjustments needed) also it's a bit quicker.

But as said, sounds like an issue with power in your case.

Edit: This is my PSU mod. mATX PSU inside the Amiga brick.
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