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My PointTracer-OCR v0.1 software is just a code that isn't really much helpful for others, allthough:

Some notes that I scribbled down:
Issue 5 = font style 1
Issue 6-7 same as above, but only uppercased
Isseu 8-21 = font style 2

;Define letter area
x=44 ; use 48 for issue 5-7, use 44 for issues 8-21
y=86 ; use 87 for issus 5-7, use 84 for issues 8-13, from 14-21 use 86 in value here
xx=680 ; use 680 for issues 8-21
yy=415 ; use 385 for issues 5-7, use 415 for issues 8-21

These was grabbing coordinates for whereever the text area was in pixel positions for all issues. x,y is topleft, while xx,yy is bottomright.

Talking about the 68OOO issue, it should be (within a good hit percentage) of code a routine that "if number and no space next to uppercases O" = produce a 0 (zero) instead:-)

Now getting all the issues out can be a tiresome process. Doing what you planned will take as long as they original issues took to compile together....years :-) It has to be automated, but problem is that they used coloring, illustrations and photos and with paragraph breaks and stuff.

There should be a kind-of automated way of ripping every page out using some home produced tools, automate key presses and automate winuae + screengrabbing. Naturally that does not exists, but I'm pretty sure if I get the time it would be possible.

It should be triggered by scanning the "page x of x" for each article, with counters together and voila, something automated might pop out as numbered screenshots.
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