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I can give you the results of my demos collection:

Tiny Launcher detects 347 out of 350 demos. The missing demos all have long file names, and all the detected demo slaves have shorter names.

Here is the list of slaves that are not detected by beta57:

This test was performed in WinUAE running on a ClassicWB Full v27 HDF file.

Regarding the Psygnosis Music Picture Disc, it actually behaves a bit strange. In the zip file it came in, the slave is called "PsygnosisMusicPictureDisc.Slave", but after unpacking it in Directory Opus, all lists show it as "PsygnosisMusicPictureDisc.Slav". The Tool Types point to "PsygnosisMusicPictureDisc.Slave", but the demo launches just fine from the icon, even though the slave is missing the last letter in the lists. This strange scenario is not present for the other two examples, though...

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