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Interesting he mentions the Amiga, and he mentions Spot, but he doesn't mention that he wrote Spot for the Amiga.

I knew Graeme a bit back in the day. I think this was just before 7th Guest hit.
He used to come into the bookstore I was working at and we'd chat computers a bit.
I mentioned I was an Amiga guy and he mentioned he wrote Spot, which I thought was the kualest thing I'd heard in my life at the time. ;-)

I remember talking about possibly wanting to write games, but was having some issues "getting" assembly language, and he said that assembly isn't that hard.

Well, for him maybe... ;-)

That was the closest I got to actually "knowing" anyone in the gaming biz..

Great to see him again...
It's one of those cases, I'm sure he'd never remember me. But his brief chats were important to me.
(Not so important that I figured out assembly and went on to write games, but still) ;-)

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