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I assure you, the web interface at easynews is superb. It is by far the easiest way of downloading files ever. Files in a thread (like ABEM) are sorted by name and pages are sorted by day. If there are 360 files of a TOSEC group just check the first and the last, click in range so all files in between are marked, chose ZIP so that all files are zipped together in one huge zip (in 0 time) and use Getright to download.

I used newsbin, but the web interface is waaaaay easier and faster, as there is no need to download message headers, or to decode files, it is just plain simple.

OH, AND BEFORE I FORGET, CHECK alt.binaries.warez.amiga as there is a HUGE flood that started a month ago and have not stopped yet (too many OLd and New TOSECs)...

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