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How far, in terms of levels, have you got in this game (without cheating of course) ? I'll admit I've only tried three times but I keep losing (failing the level until I 'die' and get game over, then doing the same again until the game makes me start from the beginning) on level 30, which I think is Guardian 3.
You have to face 2 giant fish things and 2 giant pink bouncy things. I have killed them all several times then get caught by falling spiky balls trying to escape to the exit in the bottom left. It is soooo annoying cos I'm often just touching the exit when a spiky thing gets me. I reckon I could do the level if there was one more bit of armor on it.
Anyway how far have you guys got in this game, without cheating. Also my top score is 877, 700 which is probably shite.
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