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for all interested, a flick aros68k runing on my amigah!!

starring an a4k /060-50 csppc 128mb, revision d equipped with mediator4kdi and currently only cv64 and x-surf. usually i use sunrise as516 for sound under aros,just because i couldnt find another zorro soundcard, even though im sure i have one. pci not supported yet, devices get recognized though.
miamidx comes handy as network stack, as aros native one doesnt seem to be functional yet. a number of software i tried to run, mostly on rtg. as you see no crashes but even if there is one mostly it gets handled by the system, so its just an app that crashes. i forgot to run the most, among those my own sdl aos 68k ports (kuklomenos and pig in that case), which i will try to catch up with next time.
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