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Ive probably got this quoting thing wrong, but you should get the jist

Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
What you're asking is for someone to hand feed you, all the mentioned packs are great for a quick easy install or a base to work on but if you want a fully custom setup I'm afraid you'll have to learn how to build it from scratch!
Nah, it's not about being handfed, its about flexibility. There's always going to be something a person wants to change and or add to a distro pack, so its handy to make that as painless as possible. After installing the OS a million times, on a hoard of different setups a flexible distro type pack becomes quite useful, even to stop a person from manually having to install all thier own personal "usual suspects" to thier system.
Amithlon I find I tend to set up from scracth a lot and it gets tedious installing mui, magic menu, afa_os (great software, but tedious to set up) and afa_zune, updating libs, updating datatypes, changing icon set and so on and so forth even before I can think about installing any actual software Id use on the system.
On the same machine I also use something called euae-load, which essentially lets a person run custom chipset software on an rtg only system by using euae transparently. The initial setup of that can be a bit of work too (depending on how far a person "extends" its), requiring its own, different type of OS setup (runs a minimal os3.x behind the scenes).

On top of this I have my a1200 (40mhz '040), which again is a different type of install. Eye candy for example is provided by visul prefs + birdie and different icons.

Long story short, I think an all in one, flexible, customisable "distro" could potentially be quite useful regardless of the type of user. A winuae user might just click, "Full Install" for example, whereas someone on real hardware, or more experienced users might opt for a custom install where they can choose the stuff theyd install anyway (despite presonal tastes there is a "core" set of software most people use).

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