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The thing is there is no best distro. The best is always subjective. The best is what you put together yourself.

I think anyone who works on these packs (me included) does so as a hobby. We do it as we enjoy it, and as far as I’m concerned the more the merrier! There is no competition between packs, just choice.

I like that each is different and has taken a different approach to how Workbench looks, works and feels. My packs lack specific libs for custom hardware yes, but I feel end users can always add them themselves. As Fitzsteve says, they are never going to be a one stop solution for many and all will require some custom work by the end user. However if you can’t be bothered with that, they still work absolutely fine with the generic libs. I also give the end user a very easy way to enable, disable and change features using the settings menu.

I admit the ClassicWB always has room for improvement; it’s never going to be perfect, but I’m happy with them being good enough to get people going and when you use it, you know you’re using Workbench and there is a familiarity and openess to being able to make changes easily yourself across all versions.

Next PeterK’s icon lib will be added as an install and enable/disable option and if gibs gives permission, I’ll chuck in the brilliant Tiny Launcher.

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