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Please read my post here to find out how to fix the icon crash issue:

I have updated my post to make add my latest finds and make it a bit more logical.

You asked me what trouble I had with NewIcons. I have been analyzing the problem to narrow it down, and I have finally isolated the problem.

I was experiencing crashes when launching from the icon files, even though C:NewIcons was loaded before Tiny Launcher, but if I tried running Tiny Launcher from Workbench afterwards, everything worked.
The strange thing was, on one of my test setups it worked just fine, and the startup-sequences were identical.
But the only difference was, that on the working version I had an illegal assign, giving me a popup error. Ironic enough this popup error was actually the reason it worked
So... The startup-sequence has to show a cli window or a wb requester before the NewIcons executable actually works.
To make a working solution, it just put in a "echo 'Running Tiny Launcher'" just before starting Tiny Launcher, which makes the NewIcons info-files work.

As you can see, NewIcons is a bit of a pain to work with, when you are running Scalos (ClassicWB Full), requiring a visible cli, ENV: assigns and stuff before being executed, so the ideal scenario would be to make Tiny Launcher support NewIcons without requiring this executable.
This way you could just put in Tiny Launcher whereever in your startup-sequence and everything would just work fine, without you having to worry about anything but launching Tiny Launcher.

BTW: Do you have any idea why I have to run "Assign >NIL: ENV: RAM:ENV", after running Tiny Launcher from my startup files, to make Scalos start up correctly? Can it maybe be fixed within Tiny Launcher so I can do without this line in my startup-sequence?
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