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Originally Posted by fishyfish View Post
Give me something with a proper installer, perhaps a choice of backdrops and icons, let me decide what packages to install, let me install best libs for my hardware (at least amigasys does this). What, if any, eye candy I want? Do I want MUI, magic menu, amistart, wb2000, etc., etc. How about development software?
All of the packages included in the above setups are available from Aminet, etc so you can freely setup your own workbench to your own spec choosing your own options.

What you're asking is for someone to hand feed you, all the mentioned packs are great for a quick easy install or a base to work on but if you want a fully custom setup I'm afraid you'll have to learn how to build it from scratch!

As for me, I only really use Classic Workbench these days as there are versions for all the types of Amiga's I own, I spend more time persoanlly working with the hardware so it's nice just to drop a fully setup workbench on there!

Whether you have an A500 or an A4000T from stock to expanded there is a Classic Workbench pack that will fit the bill!

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