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@gibs: ok, and tell me how to use it. Because I downloaded Classic WB Lite zip, unpacked system.hdf and Games directory to my !ECS directory (to get only subirs like 0_9, a, b, ... z with *.info files. Later I downloaded beacause transfer from KGWHD site is low in my case, and zip with "v" title games have low size. Now I unpacked to V, and do rescan. TinyLauncher found 32 positions (31 games in "V" and one default "Bloodwych&ExtendedLevels" in /B/ subdirectory. But I'm still have the same guru error. And when TinyLauncher scanned ECS Games directory after F1 key with KGWHD structure I heard "error sound" and seen text "CHECKING 2ND LEVEL". Anyway, if you can add some command line parameter for TinyLauncher.exe and if someone have other *.info files than Retro-Nerd have TinyLauncher will launch slaves witout erros. Also maybe you want to do two version interface. And when someone want to use KGWHD directory structure it will do not display ECS / AGA king and instead them it shows only Games, Demos category. Or maybe you do like other user want. Moving games from !ECS and AGA directly to HD-Games is not a big problem if you use some file manager on Amiga or PC.
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