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WHDLoad in Demobase Amiga V3

Hello Fellas,

I hope 2 release the V3 very soon........

I have a few WHDLoad demos that dont work yet,12 of 347 to be precise.

Maybe its possible to make them work, i sure hope so , the more the Marrier.

I am using version 16.9 of WHDLoad at the moment.

3D Demo II (anarchy)- character issue?
Mirror (Andromeda) - Character issue?
Seduction (complex) - needs Whload v17
Chromagic (DCS) - flickering gfx,after that >Exception "illegal instruction"($E010) at S1D0 occured
Overload II (jetset) - Keeps resetting after loading
Mesmerized (pure metal coders) - not ok due to illegal file spec
Anarchy party slide (Razor 1911) - Exception Level 6 autovector (CIA-B/EXT) ($E078) at $300E0 occured
When we ride on our enemies (Skarla) - after intro screen i get a black screen , music plays though
Stag Series (BNK Team) - not ok due to object not found on reading OSEmu.400
Sound of Silents (Silents) - resets after few parts
8-Bit Jungle (Unstable Label) - not ok due to dos error 205,object not found DSK1Mainpart.bin
Jehovah Goes hitech (Voice) - dos error 205,object not found

Plz help me fix them !

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