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Originally Posted by 4mat_ View Post
Great stuff! With this, ilkae/Pas Maters and Purple Om releasing new albums I think we can safely say amiga chip guys are back. (and there are a couple more things that haven't been publicly announced yet afaik)

Galahad: I think when people want updated versions they're thinking along the lines of Amiga Remix or the Immortal series. Creatively that doesn't really interest me as the raw sound of the amiga is what gives the songs their sparkle. (imo)
No, no Mat, i'm talking about YOU revisiting your old stuff.

I appreciate other peoples interpretations of some classic tunes on Amigaremix, some of them are excellent, some of them are so-so, and some of them are so ill thought out that they wouldn't even pass muster as elevator music!

I can see an issue, and its probably a pride thing, and its not just applicable to musicians, it applies to graphics artists and demo coders, where there is a reluctance to revist stuff thats of a certain age, because the musician feels they've gone beyond that, and are at times, embarrased by some of their early work.

I'm not saying that necessarily applies to you, but I know it applies to some, the problem is, everyone else hears your music in a completely different way.

For instance, 'the lost chords' you did way way back! Its a simple tune that has dated somewhat, but it still has a quirky charm about it, I suppose largely because no-one else in the UK was able to compete with you at that time.

Now i'm not saying you should remix the lost chords, but you have an absolutely cracking back catalogue of tunes, and I personally feel it should be YOU revisiting them and updating them more than anyone else.

Put it this way Mat, if you did an album of some of your old Protracker stuff you did way back, i'd be first in line to buy it, and I can't give a bigger reccomendation than that, as i'm quite a stingy bastard!!!

Your music, your choice......... I personally don't care if you do them with Protracker or use a sequencer, either way i'd be a happy man, the missus wouldn't appreciate it playing in the car, but fuck her, she wouldn't understand anyway!
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