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I have almost finished an Amikit conversion running with just my A1200 and the powerful ACA1231/42 (I think this will be a demonstration of what can it make), using 16 colors (well, perhaps I will run it with the also powerful ACA1230/56).

I want to open a thread to show it, but I need a couple of things before:

-The Navigation images Rebel made for Ibrowse. Edit: Got them.
-The background image for the taskbar of Workbench2000 that Cammy uses. Edit: Made one.
-Vesalia to return my Indi and my A1200 board (... jeje... it's on the way) to have larger screens modes and look better.

It runs fast, and has an incredible chip mem (Edit: let me see... 1838184 chip ram... compare it with yours LOL), but it takes some time to boot, although it's just because of Workbench2000, it takes around 30 seconds more to be ready than ScreenTab, but it has more options and better graphics. I will configure it, but I think I will use ScreenTab.

The greatest improvement to have it working "fast" and look real (ehh... well, it's Amikit the one that has to emulate the miggy, not on the contrary) is the new icon.library by PeterK

Edit: About this thread I want to repeat some quotes:
Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
AmiKit is made for WinUAE, not real Amiga's
Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Amikit/AmigaSys = fast emulated Amiga = Not usefull (too fast, causes glitches) for old Amiga games,
Originally Posted by UncleSpam View Post
Amikit is actually a very nice package but it's very much dependent on high end architecture, something that is definitely not "standard" on classic Amiga hardware.
Reedit: When you think I'm doing an Amikit conversion you are thinking that I'm going to make a conversion from a PC program.
Amikit was made to run in a Pc, but with programs made for the miggy. Yes, they use a lot that need a graphic card, but if you see it as I do, it's a source for good and new programs, icons, options... (even online updates) that you really can use in your miggy. That's what I'm trying/doing, to have it with the latest options... (Opus Magellan, Ibrowse, Dopus...) and using a "normal" card that you can buy now from IC. I don't want to go further (and use a graphic card), so I'll stay with Amikit 1.5.9 and with other updates that I like.

Really it should be Amikit the one to help me. They even could make updates for Real miggys, so you could select which to install. I asked in his forum around two years ago to lend me a copy of the boot screen, as I can't use ShowAmiga96, but... why do you need to watch the progress of a bar while you can be listening musing while booting for some seconds like in mine?...

[ Show youtube player ]

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