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Originally Posted by KTC View Post
I have a bit of trouble with the NewIcons executable though, so if you can get around requiring this to be executed before Tiny Launcher, this would be great.
What kind of trouble ?
I can activate the use of TT or not (like the RAD)

BTW I have ABS installed, and I have tried it out, but I would like Tiny Launcher to start before everything else by default, so the user can get right into the demos and games. So this is the reason why I am not using ABS in my startup
You can launch TL from ABS...
The idea (In the futur) is that you will be able to call an hidden menu to access your TL TOP20 (Favorites) and launch them directly from ABS.

Sometimes the return from a demo to TL don't work (after pressing the quit key the screen just turns grey), but that's a minor detail really.
This is always the same demo ? or it's random ?

Is the screenshot, what happen if you press a key ?
BTW The waitkeys are just for the beta to check the buffer.
I would like to know more of you illegal function.
Is it in 1st level ? how many games ? give me all the informations.

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