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Originally Posted by AmigaDave View Post
7 plus pages of messages about this project. Can anyone summarize where it stands now and what I have to do to get on the list of people who wants to order one for my CDTV?

Any pictures of how it will fit into the CDTV available anywhere?

Is there a website for this project setup somewhere already?

Sorry I didn't have time to look through all 7 pages of messages here on this topic.
Three boards have been built. Currently software is being refined.

Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
Is this selectable?

Anyhow, I would be interested in one for my CDTV actually, if it fits (because of the cover).
Yes, different speed settings, Kickstart and other stuff are available from the boot menu.

Originally Posted by Gounderset View Post
Im also wery interested to see if this will fit in the CDTV
I guess you will have to move the capacitor close to the cpu socket.

Geir Ove
Exactly. One capacitor will need to be "updated". These caps are nearly dead anyway, so replacing them (and picking a smaller one with same values for this one) is a good thing anyway...

Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
a nice little adapter could fix it to allow it to sit inside an A600
Yes but might be a space problem. We might do another production run for
A600... If there is interest and we can source socket adapters.
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