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Cross-posting from one of TCD's level thread for reference:
Originally Posted by lilalurl View Post
I have encountered the two shots issue for one of the pod thingies again but in a more restricted way. First, I did not see any of them spawn two times and most of the time I had not the two shots issue.

But after backtracking, when I came back forward (whatever that means ) I saw that this one fired two times.
However, this only happened for the first "shot" (the two of them actually). The second (or rather third) shot was a single shot and so were the next ones.
But when I went back again and came back the two shots issue happened again (and only lasted for the two first shots).

I have noticed a similar issue when playing the SNES version of CE (on PSP via the SNES9xTYLsomethingsomenumber emulator). Therefore, it can even happen with the normal game (ie not with modified levels). W1L4, near the "tree entrance to a tree cave ".

I could not find any factor that would make it more likely to happen, but it usually involves going a certain distance and then backtracking.
Perhaps it has to do with the players leaving the screen at a precise time when the pod thingie "starts" to shoot. Leaving the screen woud mean that the animation is considered as initated but not played. So when you come back it is actually played while at the same time a new shot is initiated.

Well, at least that what seems the more logical to me.

Anyway, just posting this here as a proof that this is probably an issue with the game engine (since it also happens on the SNES version).
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