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Well I finally got my 1200 tower up and running again So thought I would try the hamp video clips via the 1200 tower/Microvitec (tower has an Apollo 030/34mb rather than ec030/16mb as in my desktop), and the clips ran 'lovely' .

The thing is: I also tried the clips on 1mb 600 (then adding a 1mb expansion)! The clips did run a lot better than they did on a standard 1200 and a 1200 030/16mb but there was still the odd bit of crashing etc. (The addition 1mb on the 600 made no noticeable difference)

So in conclusion: The hamp programme is more ECS friendly, than AGA friendly, (without lots of memory).

PS: Only my observations running the same clips via (3) A1200's (at different spec) and (1) A600.

Originally Posted by amiman99 View Post
I tried the first video and it works fine on my A1200 050 50MHz.
Try to use this ham player
What type of monitor are you using, and memory spec?

The only difference I can see from my tower and desktop set-ups is: different memory configuration and using a multi-scan monitor. I suspect it's a memory issue on the 1200.
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