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How can I get a MP3 codec to work with WinUAE output?


I've recently started to experiment with the WinUAE "output" (for making video's). Now my question is:

What do I have to do to get the audio output TAB to work with MP3?
(I can use Cinepak codec by Radius, Divx, and others for video)

I have WindowsXP and I have downloaded the LAME MP3 DLL from internet, but how do I install this?? As for now I can only select "PCM" audio codec from the list of audio codec options in WinUAE, and I want to be able to use MP3! :/

Is there anybody who can advise me on how to get MP3 to work with the output??

Thanks and best regards to all WinUAE lovers out there! :-)
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