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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
At this point, the card only adds 4MByte mem with autoconfig, and another 1MByte in $c0 area for compatibility with old A500 software. Further memory is added by the ACAtune tool. In other words: You have 5MByte fastmem on a cold-start and more memory after using ACAtune. In addition to that, you DO NOT LOSE memory if you use maprom.
Excellent choice, this will make it easy to make the PCMCIA work.
I have the Viper 630 which maps the RAM into Z-II space which means that you can use max 4 mb which is a terrible terrible design, especially considering that the card mounts the full 68030 CPU. Furthermore, on that card once you load AmiTCP you don't have enough fastram left to even load AWeb and actually use it for anything, and only the simplest FTP programs work with such a limited amount of memory (GuiFTP, for example).

Having an extra 1 MB in $c0 area is a definite boost, so even if you don't add the extra ram in order to be able to use Ethernet cards, it should make a major difference.
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