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Originally Posted by KTC View Post
I tried installing the latest ClassicWB Lite and when I ran 9Fingers through Tiny Launcher 2.2b40 from Workbench it worked.

I then tried putting Tiny Launcher early in my startup-sequence, and when I tried to launch 9Fingers there, it failed!
But this means I could find a way to narrow it down

Well, after a lot of experiments, commenting stuff out and messing around with settings, I finally tracked the problem down!

Solution: You have to launch "C:Newicons" before you run Tiny Launcher for the KG packs to launch properly with tool types and all.

I don't know if you are going to require people to launch NewIcons executable for this to work or if you are going to find another solution, but now you have my workaround.
Ah that's the reason I had no problem. Because I use Newicons on my custom WB. But it seems classicwb full too. That's why I had no problems on CWB !
Hold on. I'm fixing the RetroNerd issue first.
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