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My suggestion about renaming the .info to .inf or similar, is only to disable the info file completely. It is not a fix in any way, just a way to see if it is indeed the info file scanning of NewIcon type that fails for you guys too. Renaming the file will disable all tool types.

In the b38 version (maybe a couple of earlier versions too) Tiny Launcher sometimes doesn't launch correctly when it reboots (crashing). I think this might be the log-file that has not been closed correctly or something like that. When I reboot again it normally works fine again.

Sometimes Tiny Launcher also reports that it cannot find the directory when entering a section. Rebooting also seems to fix this.

I have also noticed that escaping a section closes Tiny Launcher instead of returning to the main menu.

By the way, I have to disable booting directly into Tiny Launcher on launch, as this is the only way to avoid overwriting the log file after a crash.
Maybe you could concat into the log file or maybe create the new log file with a different name. This is not a big issue, but I wanted to let you know anyway
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