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Is there any good and "universal" way to log what happens when the system crashes? I tried the latest Snoopdos with logging to Floppy (so that the hd would not get screwed), but I never get any log file(s)? Should I? Or is the Snoopdos beyond usable, because the *whole* Amigaos crashes and not just an application? Could not find any "Monitor" in Winuae either.


Found the monitor (shift + F12). Just don't know how to use it Winuae 's own log has the following when TL crashes:

"36-090 [2424 009x004]: Your Amiga program just did something terribly stupid 59B83CC4 PC=00F817CC"

@ Gibs

The scanning works now at least in the latest Winuae/ClassicWB. Scanned 2061 ecs slaves After selecting a game, Amiga reboots

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