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Sound 7 sec. after graphics

Hello evryone. I'm totally new in this forum so maybe I ask a question that's already been answered before.
I have a Pentium 400 with 256 MB and a TNT2 videocard ( DON'T LAUGH !). When I load a game with WinUAE the graphics are ok
(40-45 fps) but the sound is much too late. So when I shoot several robots with Ruff'n'Tumble (excellent game!), I hear nothing. Then after a couple of seconds I hear the shootings and the explossions. Is this a common problem ? Is it possible with my pc configuration to emulate the graphics and sound at the same time ?

(backround info: I'm 26 and always loved the Amiga. My first one was a Amiga 500+, then the 1200. I've had lots of games and my favourites were and are: Cannon Fodder, SWOS, Great Courts2, Mortal Kombat, Body Blows, Superfrog, Ruff'N'Tumble, and many, many more)
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