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I've been testing 22b38 too. I use ClassicWB Lite installed on a 250Mb partition of an 8Gb SD card with the remaining space used as a partition for games, demos etc.

I have games arranged in the A-Z two level structure and Demos in a one level structure.

I've been testing (using the same SD card) on WinUAE - 030, 64Mb, 3.0 roms and a real A1200, 8Mb, 3.0 roms.

I run TL almost at the beginning of my startup-sequence after only AntiClick.

I'm basically reporting the same things as other testers:

1) The two-level A-Z scan crashes to workbench, usually after scanning to somewhere between 1000 and 2000 games.

2) The single level Demos scan completes fine.

3) 9Fingers worked for me the first time I scanned then ran it in WinUAE, it showed the correct tooltypes extracted from the info file. But I have been unable to repeat that, even after deleting the TL database. Now it crashes to Software failure.

4) 9Fingers fingers didn't run at all on the real A1200 although changing the .info to .inf (presumably so tooltypes aren't extracted) did allow the demo to run.

5) The quit key for 9Fingers (F10) worked for me.

I'd love to help get TL working as I think it's a really beautiful launcher!

Let me know if log files for any of the above tests would be useful.

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