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I agree with Jens, on the topic of plastic. As a general rule, someone has to make money on you not using cash. This someone is the bank. Yet I pay the same price for my purchase. This means the bank issuing the card has to make it's profit from the reseller, and that in turn means a (to me, the buyer) hidden cost making whatever i buy that much more expensive. So when ever possible, i use cash. I use plastic at 2 different times. When putting fuel in the car, using the company card means no tax, and the price is about 7% less then what it says on the pump on top of that. The other time is online shopping. I use a debit card+Paypal for that. (Not the American kind of debit card, if i understood the description above correctly. The kind i got means you have to have the money on the account tied to the card, or the card wont be able to do the payment. The money is then deducted at once, or in rare cases "reserved" and deducted within a few days.)

But i feel we strayed fairly long of topic.

Jens. Please keep us up to date on the software. It's good to hear that everything is back on track, and i hope we'll see stuff soon.

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