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Originally posted by Twistin'Ghost
Web interface? Ewww...I hope they have support for NNTP (ie, Agent).
Of course, but the retention is not near as good. Via the web interface, you can use Go!zilla, GetRight, etc. I only use Agent to retrieve new headers anymore... Used to use Agent for everything, split up files & downloaded each part, one by one, then combine them but no more. Why bother? The only problem with easynews' web interface is when someone doesn't post something properly & that's not their fault (easynews). Now, if I had high speed access, I would be downloading all the recently posted Amiga files right now but ant-on-ee is very, very good so I'm not worried, I've got a month to line them up at my lesiure. Easynews has a 3 day free trial, I think, why not try them out, go for the web interface & see how you like it...

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