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Thanks, guys. I'll add the listing to the first message on here later today. Lotsa good stuff!

Originally posted by Amigaboy
But...the GREATEST Baseball game ever is "Star League Baseball" on the C64...not much to look at, but the most playable!
Hey, I actually have a cassette of this game (somewhere). When my C-64 stuff gets here, I should give it a go. I also have some C-64 baseball game from's in a HUGE box. I think it's stats-based.
Originally posted by Shatterhand
For Neo-Geo there's Baseball Stars 1&2 , and also 2010 Baseball ... or something like that, can't remember the title now. It plays a bit like Baseball Stars but with robots.
Oh yeah...Super Baseball 2020, almost forgot about it. I played it after BS2, so it paled in comparison, but I kept it nevertheless.
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