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1) I like your spirit

2) Well, there were different issues. The first was that fastnav activated as soon as I navigated to the top entry. I just checked again, but it seems to be working in the latest build.
The "esc" to cancel fastnav is great, but could you please add joystick down too, so you can cancel fastnav with the joystick too.
If this is implemented, fastnav is just about perfect if you ask me

3) I would like other testers to reply in this thread to say if they experience the problems I am having too, or it works fine as it does on your system.
I will also test it on my real Amiga shortly to see if it works there.
I hope I have explained the issue and my test scenarios well enough for you. Otherwise, please let me know and I will try to clarify.
There is no doubt in my mind that we will find a way to fix the issues I am experiencing.

PS: What are the specs on the system you are testing on?

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