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Hey - how is EasyNews? That is to say, how long is the retention time? Are articles (binary) purged after a certain amount of time or by how much content is there? Is there a lot of parts missing on multi-part messages?

I am looking for a good third-party commercial news provider, but preferrably not one that has a download cap per month. The last one I used was crap...they promised high speed, but I rarely exceeded 56k on my cable connection; you had to bounce between three different servers, depending on different criteria (retention, better propagation, etc.); and after a month, I could not connect to the servers any longer (yet they managed to keep billing me!), plus connecting to the servers was a hit and miss thing anyhow.

I've been to the web sites for new providers and they all share the same hyperbole, so I'd rather rely on the opinions of actual subscribers, since in my experience, the promises made by these companies very often are broken.
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