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Ok, let's see what I know.

On MSX there's Casio's Baseball, Konami's Baseball, Pennant Race, Pennant Race 2, Hardball (from what I know, Accolade developed it first for MSX then ported it to other systems), and there's one from Hudson Soft, that I can't remember the name, because I guess it was something in japanese. Or maybe just Hudson's Baseball, but I doubt .

For PC there are the obvious ones from EA Sports.
For PSX there is VR Baseball, which I enjoyed a lot .
For SNES, I only know that one from Konami.. I think it's called Jukkyo something Baseball.

For the Atari 2600 there's Atari's Baseball

on GBA there's Pocket Baseball or something like that from Konami too.

For Neo-Geo there's Baseball Stars 1&2 , and also 2010 Baseball ... or something like that, can't remember the title now. It plays a bit like Baseball Stars but with robots.

There's also the Street Sports Baseball from Epyx for many systems.

I won't bore you with Amiga games as you probably know them

That's all I can remember for now. And I have all the MSX games, so I can send the files to you if you're interested.

I think Baseball it's a boring game to watch, but I bet it's lots of fun to play it as I like many baseball games .
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