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Last year and the year before, I have combined the trip with meetings with chipset manufacturers (Broadcom, Nuvoton), so I have paid the trip from the Nequester project pool. The total cost for the "Retro pool" was the sponsoring of the show itself.

If you can organize a meeting with a fibre, cable or xDSL operator who may be interested in a high-quality VoIP 750MBit wireless 11n router, I wouldn't have a money problem.

Amiwest has always been fun, and I always like to meet Amigans. It's not about selling, but about meeting people. You can't really meet people through an online connection only. However, I have to report to an investor who is feeding me risk capital since 2009 for the Nequester project. If I spend that kind of money for a trip, I better have some good story about potential Nequester sales. That would also get me past my own border of trying to pay the visitor visa without a CC.

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