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I didn't have much option either - other than to wait for feedback from the programmer, who fell off the face of the earth - at least from a communication point of view. I already started looking for someone else to do it when I got the news that he spends a considerable number of hours per day driving between his home and the hospital.

With that limited information, I did not want to go public and panic everyone. On top of that, I needed his OK to mention the details of the delay, otherwise I would have had to pass the info "I don't know", which would have caused even more uncertainty in the community. Imagine comments like "if even Jens doesn't know, how can he sell..?"

Fact is, "Plan B" was already running when the original programmer got back to me with a preview of the GUI and some suggestions for the data layout in the 4K config area of the flash chip. "Plan B" is now shelved and "Plan A" is back on track.

Again, it's a combined effort of three people in totally different locations, and we're doing our best to make the screenmode settings as flexible as possible. The configuration area consists of 32 slots with over 170 configuration bits per slot (one slot per screenmode, so your output configuration can even be different for "interlace vs. non-interlace"). The data format must be somewhat future-proof, and the config tool must take care of some simplifications, otherwise you'll be swamped by the number of configuration fields and screenmodes.

A long-term target is to have preset-configurations for common monitors and panel sizes, so you don't have to fiddle with sync length, front porch, back porch, pixel clock and padding-pixels/lines in order to hit the sweet spot of "single pixel control".

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