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I think my comment has been taken the wrong way. I don't want to return the item, just want more feedback on progress, that is all. We did not find out until very recently that release was delayed due to family issues. This delay is acceptable, of course, but it would have been nice to have read something such as "Progress delayed due to ...".

There was an initial estimate I read in the short PDF manual ( which states:

"You do not need a driver to operate Indivision AGA, therefore we haven't included a disk.
For adjustments, general configuration and possible flash-updates, we'll be providing
programs and documentation on our website under „support“ starting
may/june 2012."

So, feedback would have extended my -and probably others on this forum - expectation of possible release date from May/June 2012.

It's a great product, as is the ACA-1231/42 accelerator I bought from Vesalia. Also, it's great that we can get new products for old computers. But I see nothing wrong in expecting a little feedback on development progress, especially if something unforseen crops up that will hinder progress and leave us wondering when we might get to use our wonderful new addon. I'm sure a little more information would have prevented some of the comments made by others on this forum.

That is all I will say on the subject. If more feedback is given, then all the better. If not, then I don't have much option but to sit waiting in silence.
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