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I didn't have contact with Vesalia because it wasn't a big problem for me and vesalia was on holiday. If you are interested in this case then I would be willing to drive to Vesalia (or your place) and bring all of my setups because I believe you are (or vesalia) living not that far away from the dutch border. Maybe it's a combination of the Indy MK2 (got this one from AmigaKit) and the ACA 1231. I also have some other issues.

I can miss my amiga's for a couple of weeks if necessary and pick them up if you/vesalia have some results...

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post

you obviously have support questions. Please file support requests with your reseller, he'll take care of your problems. This is not a support forum.

Rimpie, especially your case sounds interesting, and I wonder why your case has not been discussed officially.

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