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1) I still run out of buffer around 1550 entry mark (point 1 in my bug report from yesterday) when building the database.

2) Fastnav is still activated as soon as I get to the top entry on a page, but the letter-case stuff works now.

3) NewIcon info files still crash on launch. Even though much points towards system setups when we get different results, it is really strange that normal icon type info files work just fine with my setup and also when there is no info file, and it only crashes when there is a NewIcons info file. This suggests some other problem.
I am running Tiny Launcher before just about everything else in my startup-sequence. Only Setpatch is run before, and I have even tried booting without startup-sequence to test, I also renamed S:Tinylauncher and created a new config and I tried removing newicon.library from Libs, but all with the same results.
My install is based on ClassicWB v27.
Are you using any special libraries or anything I could look at, when you are scanning the info file for tool types?
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