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"guesstimate" won't change anything on the release date.

"programming documentations" won't help, as the config tool alone won't help. It's a combination of new core and config tool. The current core has all values hard-coded.

We're working on it - all persons involved, meaning the man who writes the tool, the man who writes the core(s) and me, who is doing all the other work. It is currently impossible to say when it's going to be finished. Again, if you're not satisfied with the product, please return it to your reseller and I'll make sure that you'll get a refund. Stock of the Flickerfixer is getting short, and I will most probably raise the price next month in order to slow down sales.

1time: Thanks for the hint. There are pages on my harddrive that haven't been uploaded yet. Need to push my admin.

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