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What is the version of your motherboard? And which ACAtune version are you running it with? My ACA1231 doesn't work on my rev2b motherboard in combination with acatune v1.5e. It does boot/work with acatune v1.2b but then the card is not officially supported.

ACAtune v1.5e is meant to work with the ACA1231 but this combination only works on my rev 1D4 motherboard.

I know this sounds strange....

Originally Posted by ByteRyder View Post
Well I just got my ACA-1231 but unfortunately it doesn't work with my A1200 even though I've had it working with many different cards like Blizzard 1260 and Apollos it somehow refuses to play with the ACA. Power led blinks and all I get is a yellow screen.

Failed Test
Yellow 68000 detected error before software trapped it (GURU)

I'm not sure what is causing the problem or if the card is faulty. I'm going to try and run it with another MB revision and go from there.
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