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Originally Posted by fishyfish View Post
Something inbetween Alone In The Dark and Resident Evil should be doable on a moderately upgraded a1200 (or equiv. aga machine), not to mention '060/ppc + 3d gfx card users.
True. RE1-like game should be doable on a 030 A1200. Even if it is with a slightly reduced screen. Some artistic frame, and stat bar and voila

Originally Posted by fishyfish View Post
Sanitarium (pc game from '98) is a fantastic games too in my opinion, and has a nice creepy atmosphere.
Sanitarium is a terrific game. I have it installed still Thinking of playing it again from the beginning.
It has no extraordinary demanding graphics or effects. Should be doable on a fast RAM expanded A1200 just for the sheer ingame material (graphics and sound). Also fast RAM adds a significant speed boost.

Also it would have been great to see more horror adventures like Dark Seed.

Coulda woulda shoulda...
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