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2) Sorry. I guess the crashing was due to my game not being able to launch correctly without the tool types. This is not Tiny Launchers fault
I guess you could look if "Default tool" is "WHDLOAD", as other info files could just as well have their own tool types.
But anyway, to keep this light and simple (tiny), the way it is working now is actually just fine, if you ask me.

3) I tried making info files with identical tool types for a demo, where one was based on NewIcon, and the other was a normal icon type.
The normal icon type was detected correctly and the demo ran.
The NewIcon type made Tiny Launcher crash the machine when attempting to launch the demo, just showing a black screen immediately, blinking power led and a software failure (guru).
All the icons in the KG packs are NewIcon types, so this is a big problem.

5) Confirmed.

8) Actually there is a problem when you just want to launch the top entry on the screen. As soon as you navigate there, the fastnav appears, even if you don't press up again.
"Enter" and "Fire" confirms the fastnav choice. I would like a way to cancel it, if you activated fastnav by accident.
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