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Adventure game Plague of the Moon: [ Show youtube player ] Should be released also for Amiga.

This is a rare, very hard to find adventure game. The Shareware version (which is what I play here and appearantly sucked at) has nag screens, censored gore, little to no music and sound effects. The registered version (which is ultra rare) supposedly has a lot more features (including sound, music, full gore and no nag screens). You play Alucarda, daughter of a Witch who was burned at the stake. Your mother comes to you as a ghost and asks you to avenger her death, thus setting the story in motion. I probably would have played it more if I knew what I was doing back in the day. Overall it seems like a fairly good game considering it was made by just one person. A real labour of love.

This game scared me when I was a nine-year-old or so. I remember waiting until my parents weren't home to play this (along with other, better games, like Doom and Heretic). I seem to misremember it as having significantly better graphics than this...
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