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Thanks for your report.

1/ I have modified the code for the buffer. need to be tested but seems to work.

2/ ATM, the TL doesn't crash if TT aren't detected it is supposed to launch the game with standard options. As you said there are readme, solutions, and more info files. I could test wich one have some TT to know the one to use but if in a collection someone put some TT in a readme or solution or whatever it's going to be funny. Of course the I could test if in the TT there are known TT by whdload. but some games like DIZZY contains 2 disks so 2 .info known by whdload and ... you see it's easier to execute the game with standard options and then if you really want a custom launch doing an AmigaDos script... no ?

3/ I don't know. I should try with your version. As I said, if TT aren't detected it use the standard options.

4/ Indeed, I should improve that.

5/ It was by design. 1000 entries was for the realtime scan (not for the DB) which doesn't exist anymore. The number 1000 doesn't exist anymore in the code (I have checked).

6/ I haven't checked that yet but I'll do it.

7/ same as 6

8/ Press "Enter" or "Fire" no ?


-long filename fix
-TT detection improved
-better buffer management



Try to scan with this
I hope this will give us some clues where it crash.

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