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Originally Posted by Srdjan View Post
No i haven't cos i only have lcd monitors 4 of them .. and none seems to work... and yes all 4 have Vga input..,,
Yeah I know - check the menus on those monitors - most of them allow you to adjust the phase and clock. It's worth a try, even if the likelihood is that it won't help much.

As I understand it, the main problem here is that LCD/TFT monitors have preconceived notions about how many horizontal pixels they should expect for a given scanrate. Scandoubled Amiga resolutions don't match up with those assumptions, so you end up with an interference pattern between the monitor sampling the pixels and the scandoubler outputting them, which manifests as stripes.
TFT monitors normally automatically adjust the sampling rate (clock) to the incoming signal the first time they encounter a given screenmode, but if they're expecting something wildly different from what the Amiga provides they can't do that. Thus, giving the monitor a hint by adjusting the "clock" setting might help (if the OSD controls give you enough latitude). I've certainly been able to improve (but not perfect) the native Amiga display on my Dell U2311 that way. (One of the few monitors that doesn't need a scandoubler.)
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