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I just tried the latest beta.
At this point, I haven't changed anything in my folder structure. I am doing this to be able to test properly if the bugs I reported in have been fixed in the latest version.
I am trying to analyze every bug as much as I can, so I really hope you can use this information to fix them. Feel free to ask me to test specific scenarios.

Building the database for my 349 demos works fine (same as before)

But now for the bugs/feature requests:

1) My games unfortunately makes the buffer run out at about the 1550 mark in the 1st level directory scanning. I have tried messing around with both chip and fast ram settings, but this does not change anything. Could you maybe use a swap file or something like that while building the database to get around the buffer problems?

2) I did try the tool type thing, by putting one of my games that depend on the tool types in the demo directory, but at first Tiny Launcher just froze (crashed) when trying to launch the game. I played around with some different stuff and finally found out that the info file needs to have the exact same name as the directory it is in for this to work (e.g. eob2/ When I did that it detected my tool types and could launch the game just fine.
Could you maybe support using info files with different names, as there are several releases that use different directory and info naming? I realize there are other possible problems with this, as there can be several info files in a directory and the scanning procedure could get even heavier than it is right now. At least you should return some message instead of just crashing.

3) I tried launching the 9Fingers demo, but it crashed the system. I then tried it on the old 20b02 version and it works on that version? I then tried renaming the info file, and then it worked in the new version.
I then realized that the info file for 9Fingers was a hi-color icon type (NewIcon?), where the ones I got working are good old 4 color icons. It seems you only support old type info files?

4) Another thing I noticed is when you mix capitalized first letters with lower-case first letters for the directories, it makes strange results in the fastnav bar. I had a directory with a lower-case "e" and the fastnav reads ABCDEeEFG, which is a bit odd...

5) I don't know if it is by design, but if I don't build the database, the scanner stops at 1000 entries. It does not crash or anything, but does not scan all the directories either.

6) I tried putting 1200 games into a folder to get around the crashing, to see if the fastnav 4 digits bug is fixed (point 5 in my last bugreport). It still messes up when it exceeds 1000 entries, so this bug is still in there.

7) I still get errors when I activate RAD (point 8 in my last bugreport).

8) Please make it possible to skip fastnav. If you press up by accident, you cannot cancel the fastnav. The intuitive choice would be to make pressing down cancel the fastnav.

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