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New Game: [insert title here]


Just thought you might be interested in a new game I'm programming for the Amiga at the moment. I can guarantee it won't be anything fancy as it is the first thing I've ever programmed for the Amiga (with the exception of a fruit machine simulator I coded in Amiga Basic on my A500 in about 1991 ! It was crap, and that was the last time I thought about writing something on the Amiga again. Until now, that is.)

You may have heard of Stamp Quest, Endless Forms Most Beautiful or The Lost Tapes of Albion on the Spectrum, recent games from the past year or so. Well I programmed a SAM Coupé version a couple of months ago, titled the Lost Disks of SAM and the thought struck me it'd be a good project to learn assembler on the Amiga with.

The game is currently untitled, and in the very early stages of development, I hope to get a playable demo up at some point, but for now take a look at:

[ Show youtube player ]

Any comments or thoughts welcome. If you've played any of the original Speccy games, or the SAM one, or even the superb EFMB PC remake, and have any ideas about how they could be improved or new features that might be worth trying out, I'd be welcome to hear them. I can't promise anything mind you :-)

All the best.
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