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Originally Posted by bdb View Post
I'm not sure why someone would RunInUAE on a Classic Amiga; the hardware you are implementing in software is already there
Steve's post above says it all:

Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
I can already tell you the Emulation works perfect on Sam/AmigaOne/PegII but for classics forget it, dual boot OS3.9 as the Classic PPC is too slow for e-uae
Amiga OS 4.x uses only the PPC processor. Therefore, under Amiga OS 4.x it is not possible even to use the M680x0 processor for running Classic Amiga programs.

Hence, Classic Amiga programs must be executed in emulation written for the PPC processor (which is slow), unless youi have provision for dual-booting Amiga OS 3.9.
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