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This list is completely stupid. Laser Squad is referenced as one of the most influential games ever, and X-Com is a little ahead, a game that's already influenced by Laser Squad!

And then the same happens with Command & Conquer/Dune 2/Age of Empires/Starcraft/Warcraft, or Doom/Quake/Wolfenstein/Counter Strike.

Then they throw Dig-Dug. WHAT GAME DIG-DUG INFLUENCED? No doubt it's a great game , I love it to the bits, but the only game I can remember it influenced is Boulderdash, and still it's hard to say that.

Then there's Chrono Trigger, which is influenced by dozens of other older japanese RPGs. It's basically Final Fantasy without "Invisible, Random enemies" and a very good plot. Nothing more.


Laser Squad actually it's a very good turn based strategy game, and unlike most strategy games, you don't need to play it for ages to get the most of it. The game is just about STRATEGY and no "develop weapon/make money/management" stuff. Actually, I can say it's basically UFO without the management stuff, and with more interesting missions. For some reason they showed a pic of the spectrum version, that as you may guess, it's the worst looking version of all. Try the Amiga version, it's a great game.
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